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Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry

Fiona Rossi

Facility manager
Head of flow cytometry
0131 651 9522 / 9533


The Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides comprehensive services and assistance in multi-parameter flow cytometry and FACS for internal and external users.


Flow cytometry is a specialised laser-based single cell technology that measures certain physical and chemical characteristics of single particles or cells in suspension. This allows us to identify, analyse and separate (sort) certain cell populations of interest for downstream applications such as cell expansion, functional analyses or further DNA/RNA characterisation.


Clare Cryer clare.cryer@ed.ac.uk (Mon-Wed)

Andrea Corsinotti a.corsinotti@ed.ac.uk 

Bindy Heer bindy.heer@ed.ac.uk


The CRM Flow Cytometry Core Facility is located on the ground floor (G51) of the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, and our services are available for both in-house and external users on a recharge basis. The facility provides technical and scientific services and assistance in multi-parameter flow cytometry analysis and FACS (fluorescence activated cell sorting).

The facility is equipped with 3 state-of-the-art multi-laser flow cytometry cell sorters and 3 analysers: BD FACSAria II cell sorter, BDFACSAria III FUSION cell sorter and Sony SH800 cell sorter; and BD LSRFortessa (4 laser) analyser, BD LSRFortessa (5 laser) analyser and Acea Novocyte 3000 analyser. The facility also has 2 analysis workstations (located in G50) available for use – one with BD FACS Diva software, and the other with FlowJo and FCS Express software; these are used for post-acquisition analysis of data. All instruments and workstations can be booked through the PPMS booking system (https://ppms.eu/ed; registered users only, please contact the facility for access and more information).

For more information on services, charges, access to the facility (including analyser training) and for advice in protocol design, please contact facility staff.