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Yang Y, Rupani A, Bagnaninchi PO, Wimpenny I, Weightman A.  2012.  Study of optical properties and proteoglycan content of tendons by polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography.J Biomed Opt. 17(8):081417.
Bagnaninchi PO, Holmes C, Drummond N, Daoud J, Tabrizian M.  2011.  Two-dimensional and three-dimensional viability measurements of adult stem cells with optical coherence phase microscopy.J Biomed Opt. 16(8):086003.
Bagnaninchi PO.  2010.  Combined impedance spectroscopy and Fourier domain optical coherence tomography to monitor cells in three-dimensional structures.Int J Artif Organs. 33(4):238-43.
Bagnaninchi PO, Yang Y, Bonesi M, Maffulli G, Phelan C, Meglinski I, A Haj E, Maffulli N.  2010.  In-depth imaging and quantification of degenerative changes associated with Achilles ruptured tendons by polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography.Phys Med Biol. 55(13):3777-87.
Jia Y, Bagnaninchi PO, Yang Y, Haj AEl, Hinds MT, Kirkpatrick SJ, Wang RK.  2009.  Doppler optical coherence tomography imaging of local fluid flow and shear stress within microporous scaffolds.J Biomed Opt. 14(3):034014.
Ahearne M, Bagnaninchi PO, Yang Y, Haj AJEl.  2008.  Online monitoring of collagen fibre alignment in tissue-engineered tendon by PSOCT.J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2(8):521-4.
Bagnaninchi PO, Yang Y, Zghoul N, Maffulli N, Wang RK, Haj AJEl.  2007.  Chitosan microchannel scaffolds for tendon tissue engineering characterized using optical coherence tomography.Tissue Eng. 13(2):323-31.
Yang Y, Bagnaninchi PO, Ahearne M, Wang RK, Liu K-K.  2007.  A novel optical coherence tomography-based micro-indentation technique for mechanical characterization of hydrogels.J R Soc Interface. 4(17):1169-73.