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Torres-Padilla M-E, Chambers I.  2014.  Transcription factor heterogeneity in pluripotent stem cells: a stochastic advantage.Development. 141(11):2173-81.
Liakhovitskaia A, Gribi R, Stamateris E, Villain G, Jaffredo T, Wilkie R, Gilchrist D, Yang J, Ure J, Medvinsky AL.  2009.  Restoration of Runx1 expression in the Tie2 cell compartment rescues definitive hematopoietic stem cells and extends life of Runx1 knockout animals until birth.Stem Cells. 27(7):1616-24.
Yang Y, Bagnaninchi PO, Ahearne M, Wang RK, Liu K-K.  2007.  A novel optical coherence tomography-based micro-indentation technique for mechanical characterization of hydrogels.J R Soc Interface. 4(17):1169-73.