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Tour the Centre

Tour the Centre

Welcome to the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine. You can tour our Centre here, with our guide Sophie Quick, who is a PhD student at the Centre.

Click the maximise symbol (right hand side, third from top) to experience the full tour.

This tour was supported by funding from the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform, which is co-funded by the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Medical Research Council (MRC).

Thanks to all the staff and students who contributed to the creation of this tour, including Jennifer Cusiter, Katie Ember, Kirsty Ferguson, Sabine Gogolok, Ingrid Heersche and Sophie Quick. Thanks also to expert support from Ryan Lewis (scidelight.com) and Matthew Evans of 360 Virtual Tours (www.360virtualtours.co.uk).