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Portraits of the Brain

Portraits of the Brain

We invite people living with MS to take part in Portraits of the Brain, a workshop series that offers the opportunity for a two way learning experience between researchers investigating Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from University of Edinburgh and people living with MS. 

The workshops will take place on 30 August, 26 September and 25 October.

Our brain is highly complex and understating its inner workings and why or how this is disrupted has fascinated scientists for centuries. This complexity can sometimes stall the progress of understating a disease state and translate therapies from the bench to bedside. Early career scientists do not have many opportunities to interact and communicate their research with the people who live with the disease and which they have studied for years. This sometimes can strip of the human benefit of one's research. Conversely, people living with a disease do not interact with the science and scientists behind the white coats. 

This workshop series will break down this apparent barrier between researchers and people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Through creative collaborative activities, people with MS will be taken on an exploratory journey of key brain cells affected in Multiple Sclerosis whilst scientists will get to know the stories of people who live with Multiple Sclerosis. 

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Oligodendrocytes by Ana Maria Rondelli