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Stem cells and metabolic diseases

The Docherty lab works on stem cells and metabolic disease with implications for :

  • developing new technologies for treating type 1 diabetes;
  • understanding the earliest phases of human heart development and their association with congenital heart disease; and
  • understanding the causes of adolescent obesity and its association with type 2 diabetes.

Kevin Docherty

Affiliated researcher
MacLeod-Smith Professor of Biochemistry, University of Aberdeen
01224 437359
Aims and areas of interest

Kevin Docherty leads a research team working on the biology of the islets of Langerhans with particular emphasis on transcription factors that control islet gene expression and development. In recent years he has focused on embryonic stem cells and reprogramming as a replenishable supply of islets of Langerhans for transplantation in the treatment of diabetes.

  • Mr John Casey, Islet Transplantation Centre, University of Edinburgh