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Renal pericytes: multifunctional cells of the kidneys.

TitleRenal pericytes: multifunctional cells of the kidneys.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsStefańska A, Stefańska A, Péault B, Péault B, Mullins JJ, Mullins JJ
JournalPflugers Arch
Date Published2013 Jun
KeywordsAnimals, Humans, Kidney, Pericytes

Pericytes have become a hot topic in renal biology. They play a critical physiological role in vessel development, maintenance and remodelling through active communication with their vascular partners-endothelial cells-and modulation of extracellular matrix proteins. Multiple functions for renal pericytes have been described; specialised perivascular populations participate in glomerular filtration, regulate medullary blood flow and contribute to kidney fibrosis by differentiation into collagen-generating myofibroblasts. Interestingly, the origin of renin-producing cells of the juxtaglomerular region is attributed to the perivascular cell lineage; we have observed the coincidence of renin and pericyte marker expression during human kidney development. Finally, pericytes have been shown to share features with mesenchymal stem cells, which places them as potential renal progenitor cell candidates. Since renal diseases are often associated with microvascular complications, renal pericytes may emerge as new targets for the treatment of kidney disease.

Alternate JournalPflugers Arch.
PubMed ID23588377
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