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Quantitative stem cell biology: the threat and the glory.

TitleQuantitative stem cell biology: the threat and the glory.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPollard SM
Date Published2016 Nov 15

Major technological innovations over the past decade have transformed our ability to extract quantitative data from biological systems at an unprecedented scale and resolution. These quantitative methods and associated large datasets should lead to an exciting new phase of discovery across many areas of biology. However, there is a clear threat: will we drown in these rivers of data? On 18th July 2016, stem cell biologists gathered in Cambridge for the 5th annual Cambridge Stem Cell Symposium to discuss 'Quantitative stem cell biology: from molecules to models'. This Meeting Review provides a summary of the data presented by each speaker, with a focus on quantitative techniques and the new biological insights that are emerging.

Alternate JournalDevelopment
PubMed ID27875250
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