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EuroStemCell aims to help European citizens make sense of stem cells. Through the website www.eurostemcell.org it provides reliable information and road-tested educational resources on stem cells and their impact on society.

The project unites more than 90 European stem cell and regenerative medicine research laboratories to engage with the public about their science and increase the visibility of European stem cell research.

As part of the project, the EuroStemCell website is being redeveloped into a multilingual information hub. It will provide current analyses of the latest scientific and clinical developments, ethical issues and regulations as well as stem cell resources, teaching tools and activities for teachers and other educators.

CRM researcher Prof Clare Blackburn, the project's coordinator, says:

"We want to provide accurate information, but also to encourage real dialogue between scientists and the public. The goal is to enable people to understand, question and form opinions on the developments in stem cell science and medicine they read about in the newspapers and learn about at school."

EuroStemCell's communications and outreach manager Dr Jan Barfoot, website manager Anna Couturier and translation manager Amanda Waite, are also hosted within the Centre. All educational resources developed by CRM are available on www.eurostemcell.org/activities. This project is funded by the EU FP7 framework programme.